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Hello everyone!

My name is Wolf. I want to be a writer someday, and I am working on it. I hail from Hungary a country in the middle of Europe. We have different culture than other countries around us. It is important, becasue most of my work is written in my native language which I try to translate as best as I can. I also use parts of my culture in my writings, and via this I would like to present a slice from it.

My other hobby is drawing, I like to draw scenes, characters, landscapes and also maps for my books.(I mostly draw for my books.) But I like to draw other little things, and of course beautiful women too.

I am studying to become a programmer. I usually work in C++ but I also know Java too. I used HTML,PhP and Javascript once, but I am not really interested in them, but if required I can understand them.

I hope you liked my introduction and I could tease you up a bit! Enjoy your time here and have fun!

Regards, ~Wolf