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Current works

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to show my current works. I will include a little description for them, but later I will write a full review. For the time I will use code-names, until I can come up with extractions.

I work on several short stories and novellas. They are mostly about spirits (including the spirit world, old shamanisticsm), my spiritual believes, wolves and other stories about my life and journeys. I use to take brakes from my bigger projects to write little stories down.

So which one should I start with? Maybe my biggest work so far: The Fantasy Saga. For the time, I have given it this codename. It really sums it up, because it is a long story, split into three main books, a spin-off novel and two short-stories. I am working on creating my own fantasy world, I intend to make it a darker world, moree closer to ours, and more realistic, full of politics and with a bit of our current problems. Something like a black mirror to ourselves. I am working on the full history and background, the settings and landscapes... to be honest, everything.

My second work is named The African Project. It is more like a Sci-fi. But set in our world, just in the near future. For the time, I can only say that it is about the biggest problems of Africa, and of course our civilization. So to start the story, we have a man who saw an opportunity in this whole thing and he had every power and money to set it into motion. We will followe him trough his struggles in this dangerous continent and how he fights against time as he tries to solve the main problems that eat this world.

There is a third project which is currently on the pause. I named it to Shadowmoon at the time, but later I realised that Skycity would be a better codename. It is set in a mysterious world, and mostly is played on a flying continent, or island.

For now I can only tell you these, but in the future, I will provide more in-depth descriptions and extracts.

Thank you for reading, ~Wolf