Coffee Break Series

Hellow everyone!

I would like to announce my new series of short stories on the internet: Coffee Breaks. I want to release several short stories, I mean really short. Short enough for you to read them in your coffee break. Some of them are one minute long, while others may take up five minutes to read. But none the less they are all entertaining. Get ready for comedy, drama, joy, love and sadness, because I plan to deliver them to you in these new series of short stories so I can add a little to your day. Make you forget your problems for a time, make you relax and get out of the always running world. All you need to do is to get a hot cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and start reading! I plan to release at least one or two stories a week, while I work on my bigger projects, but who knows wthat the future holds? I hope you will enjoy them reading as much I did writing them. I need to get back on the Path. Farewell!

Regards: ~Wolf